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Hi! My name is Leslie Kolkmeier, and I'd like to welcome you to my 6th grade social studies class.  I've been a teacher now for 26 years and have taught almost every subject and grade level from kindergarten to eighth grade.  However, I have never been happier than I am now, teaching 6th grade social studies here at Needville Middle School.  I am truly passionate about teaching my students about their world.  I try to make the world not such a big, mysterious place, but rather a small world that they can better understand. 

In my class, I make my students HISTORIANS and ARCHAEOLOGISTS "digging" for information about different periods of history.  We are ANTHROPOLOGISTS studying different cultures and trying to understand why the various people around the world do what they do.  We act as GEOGRAPHERS exploring the landforms of the Earth. 

It is my belief that ALL students are gifted and talented but in many different ways.  I strive to teach in a way that finds each student's talent throughout the year.  I like to make my students think!  I like to let them be creative and imaginative.

It is my hope that what I teach my students lights a "spark" in each of them so that, when the year is over, their desire to know more about their world continues.